Friday, March 23, 2012

SLANT Behavior!


Have you ever heard of SLANT?
I had not heard of it until this school year and now I can't live without it!!
We tell our students "PAY ATTENTION!" but so many teachers don't teach child what PAYING ATTENTION looks like, I know I had my classroom standards, but when a whole team or a whole school starts using the same thing, the results are wonderful!
SLANT stands for ~

Sit Up {Feet under seat, back straight, hands on your desk without playing with anything, etc.}
Lean Forward {It shows you are interested in the lesson.}
Act Attentive {Smile, be open to learn something new}
Nod Head {This non-verbal clue shows you understand the lesson}
Track the Teacher {Follow the teacher with your eyes as she moves around the room.}
My friend, Mrs. O, and I spent one week with our students using this in our classroom. We would recited and repeat before each lesson and we were amazed at the difference. The children sit up, they pay attention, they put their pencils down, all without the teacher losing her energy, losing control, losing the really works.
After a week all we had to do is say, "Please SLANT" it was terrific!
One cutie-pie even told us in the computer lab that they Track the Computer. Tracking the Computer is easier than Tracking the Teacher because the computer doesn't move! S
o we use SLANT in the lab now too!
Now after a transitional time we say, "I am looking for a wonderful example of SLANT." "Thank you Suzie, thank you John, they are terrific SLANTers!" It keeps your room positive and keeps you in control.
Now that Spring Fever is hitting the classrooms, try it, you will love it!

I'm Fern Smith, my school's Teacher of the Year and 3rd Grade Team Leader.
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